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Business Summary

Founded in 2001, Crown Partners is a software and professional services firm focused exclusively on enterprise information management.


When Crown Partners came to Hunt Big Sales, they were experiencing 18 months of shrinking sales by losing contracts to larger, better known companies. The market did not seem to grasp the full range of services they offered, and they had not yet found a solution to communicating those services to the marketplace.


Through The Big Sale Factory process, Crown Partners implemented culture change across the executive management, sales force, account mangers, and marketing teams. By the end of Big Sale Factory Level 2, Crown had landed $25M in new contracts, doubling their average sale, including three sales that were larger than previous largest deal. They then took on the Key Account Growth process, and were able to develop tools to analyze and manage existing relationships and opportunities. By the end of Key Account Growth Level 2, Crown had reached $60M in sales volume.


Overall impact of the engagement with Hunt Big Sales was more than doubling sales production within 15 months. Crown Partners was able to develop replicable and measurable tools that remove inefficiencies and enabled them to close the contracts that eluded them in the past.

Doubled sales production within 15 months

Reached $60M in sales volume

Hunt Big Sales Mark KennedyHunt Big Sales Mark Kennedy

“Previous to working with Hunt Big Sales, our deals were around $2M. Now our deals are $5M to $10M in size. Hunt Big Sales has produced transformative results for Crown Partners.”

- Mark Kennedy, President

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