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Process is Everything to Hire Better, Faster, and Proactively

Guest Faculty post by Dave Hickman

Process has lots of benefits and every executive knows it. With that knowledge, almost every executive is disappointed with the final results of that process.

The problem is not that everyone is missing a hiring process, but that the hiring process is not aligned to the organizational needs.

This misses the target of driving optimal hiring results. To make any process improvements, overcoming legacy thinking is a real challenge.  Will you get candidates through headhunters, Post & Pray, employee referrals or other sourcing means?  I can’t think of one client who didn’t have a hiring process in place, however all of them were not achieving the outcomes they desired and acknowledged a need to modify their strategy which would improve their process and results.

It seems so logical that if you want to make progress, then adjust your strategy, people, tools, process, or systems.  But however logical it may sound, simple fear causes people to delay or forego an improvement.

We’ve found there is a basic foundation to hiring talent that when properly utilized, speed to hire and quality will improve by over 30%.  Here are 5 proven steps that need to be in place and will improve your confidence to hire better, faster, and consistently.

1. Strategy and Planning: Develop a 12 month Hiring Demand Matrix and stage gate hiring strategy, process and metrics.  You will need tools such as Job Descriptions/Profile, Candidate Screening Summaries, Key Competencies, Interview Guides (with ratings), and qualitative/quantitative comparisons that define what is great and what is good. 

2. Sourcing: Sourcing Talent pools with highly effective tools that will vet and match candidates for current and future roles

3. Recruiting: build a contact strategy and structure to connect with talent, scripts/talking points that present highlights of the opportunity, and guidelines to match their skills and align their career goals with your company opportunity

4. Screening and Assessment: Screen candidates via 7-10 questions specific to the needs of your company for the role, cultural fit, career fit, and motivational fit. Utilize chosen assessment tools as another data point for decision making

5. Talent Pipelining: Proactively approach and build relationships with the Talent Pool that matches your future hiring needs.  This will give you a competitive advantage to hire better people faster.

Process drives consistency and by providing consistency in all aspects of hiring talent, there is more clarity in defining what you are looking for, how you will get there, and how to measure how you are doing throughout the process. Better process. Better performance.

Let’s set some expectations. This process rarely produces a six-sigma result. If you can move your results from a 50:50 result to a 60:40 result, you have made an enormous leap forward in the performance of your organization. Start with the number you are starting with, then make your estimate from there of your expectation.

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