Hunt Big Sales

Bigger Sales Faster

Bigger Sales Faster

Bigger Sales Faster works with your team using our proven system to create your sales process and tools to land bigger deals. Adult learning means collaborative design, video program content, ongoing direct support through video conferencing and practical application coaching. Your team will go through three phases of Bigger Sales Faster:

  • Speed to Big Buyers
  • Closing the Bigger Sale
  • Selling Your Customers More

Each phase follows these steps:

  • Introduction call for each phase
  • Pre-work call for each of the 3 tools within each phase
  • 2-hour call to build each of the 3 tools within each phase
  • Application call for each of the 3 tools within each phase
  • Additional video resources

Let's Land More Big Sales.

Hunt Big Sales did an excellent job taking their model and process and tailoring it to the needs of our business. Overall, the Hunt Big Sales process, approach and tools have drastically changed our entire organization’s sales culture and performance.

― Chad Miller, President, LockNet

Our work with the Hunt Big Sales team taught us how to work with new prospects effectively. Within three months of working with the Hunt Big Sales team and following the methodology, we landed a transformational account.

― Tom Marianacci, President/CEO, ConvergeDirect

A high-energy, fully engaging program that included material that applied to both new and senior sales reps, management and internal subject matter experts. Everyone, including the executive team, walked away with key takeaways that will impact our sales immediately.

― Kathryn Kendell, Vice President of Marketing, ProSource

Interactive, roll up our sleeves session with specific strategy and tactics for implementation is what I expected and what was delivered. Great job.

― Kevin Hickman, Vice President Marketing and Business Development, JP Cullen