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Better Questions for Bigger Sales

Seven online sessions consist of:


  • Information is the coin of the realm in large account selling. Whoever has the most information has the greatest likelihood of winning. This program, The CATAPULT System™ of questions, is designed to gain you better and more insightful information in the sales process as compared to all of your competitors.


  • The questions you will learn about and design in this chapter are about focusing the mind of your buyer(s) from a nebulous and undefined future state for making decisions into a crystal clear moment to do something new. The questions you will develop also work in reverse, helping prospects to consider moments in the past when that prospect could have or should have done something.


  • Narrowing the field of consideration and priority is the goal of this set of questions which you will develop. By helping prospects to present to you their “absolutes” regarding potential partners and solutions they have told you something that shapes your future presentations and proposals. Typically, this information is not presented in sales conversations or RFP documents. However, the right questions will provide you the advantage.


  • “Delay is the death of a deal.” One of the modern challenges of large account selling is achieving time commitments. During periods of significant change inside of the prospect’s business, it becomes almost impossible. These questions you will develop provide insight as well as accountability to the process with prospects “in flux.”


  • Happy prospects are often tossed into the bin of future prospecting. These questions that you will develop will add to your current tools for lifting the manhole cover and determining what opportunities really lie beneath.


  • This chapter sculpts the previous chapters’ approach to asking Better Questions for Bigger Sales into a structured path of handling real sales conversations. Through examples and setting the order of preparation for important meetings, the CATAPULT system moves from good ideas and materials into very strong application methodology.


  • “Often times the best business you do is the business you don’t do.” This quote has come from lots of great leaders in sales. It is repeated because of the negative impact of “Toxic Clients” and “Blackhole Prospects.” This Bonus Chapter discusses how to recognize the revenue and margin vampires early in the sales process so that you can apply your Better Questions for Bigger Sales to the opportunities which will best serve your company.

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