Doug Vause

Consultant, Hunt Big Sales

Doug VauseJoining Hunt Big Sales as a consultant and coach in late 2014, Doug is not a stranger to the Hunt Big Sales Methodology. A longtime colleague of Hunt Big Sales founder and CEO, Tom Searcy, Doug was introduced to the proven process 10 years before it even had a name.

Over the years Doug has been involved in more than 12 startup companies allowing him to leverage his unique ability to rapidly grow financially successful organizations. His success has hinged on creating longstanding company architecture, technical systems and operational process and procedures that incorporate a strong value centric vision and mission driven culture, making him a great fit with the teachings of the Hunt Big Sales methodology.

As President and CEO of Europe’s fastest growing Customer Service Organization Transcom WorldWide, he grew the company from inception to over $300 Million in revenues in just three years, with 23 offices and 6,000 employees located in 17 countries. And as Sr. Vice President of San Antonio based West Corporation, Doug was responsible for the development and implementation of one of the fastest growing service organizations in North America. Under his leadership, West Corporation grew from inception, to one of the top-rated cash positive service organizations in the nation in just two years exceeding $150 million dollars in revenues.

Along with his ability to drive companies to achieve amazing results, Doug also brings a broad market segment experience and a coaching and mentoring style that Hunt Big Sales is excited to share with its clients.


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