Dave Hickman

Consultant, Hunt Big Sales

Dave Hickman is an expert in the Hunt Big Sales methodology; having implemented the processes and strategy he learned form Tom Searcy in two companies and experiencing immediate and sustained growth in both cases. Hickman is currently the President and one of the original founders of Avancos; a global workforce solutions firm specializing in talent intelligence, process improvement consulting, and talent acquisition.

By implementing the Hunt Big Sales methodology in 2008, Avancos experienced explosive growth, beginning with one Netherlands office and growing to seven global offices serving Fortune 1000 clients around the world such as Accenture, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Crystal Global, and Barclays.

Prior to starting Avancos, Dave learned and implemented the Big Sale Factory process within a start-up BPO division, which had rapid growth to become the industry leader in three years. Pharmaceutical leading companies such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Sepracor/Sunovion, and Novo Nordisk engaged his team to reach critical mass for large-scale recruitment outsourcing.

Hickman’s passion to learn, grow, and lead has led him to teach others on how to create exponential growth and experience sustained success.

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