Award-Winning Sales Consulting Firm Specializing in Large Account Sales

The challenge for most $10 million to $250 million companies is they are good at sales, but not good at sales strategy. Hunt Big Sales is a sales strategy company that provides CEOs who are unsatisfied with their growth rates a proven process:
  • Doubles their sales conversion rate,
  • Doubles the size of their average sale and
  • Doubles the rate in which they double the size of their company.

Meet the Hunt Big Sales Team

Dave Hickman

Ron Townsend

Our Philosophy

Our proactive approach to landing large accounts gives us the opportunity to engage a broad spectrum of people and companies whose businesses are poised for big sales and explosive growth. To do this, we use a four-point business philosophy.

  1. Small and mid-sized companies need a competitive advantage more than ever.
    Due to regulation, cost-structures and the establishment giving more power to the bigger competitors every day – and it isn’t going to get better any time soon.
  2. Success is 90% process and 10% magic.
    A lot of business success stories involve terms like “lucky” or “wunderkind” that gives the idea that lightning never strikes twice. But, that’s not our way of thinking. Hunt Big Sales teaches you that unprecedented growth and success are not a matter of chance. Large account sales require quite a bit of hard work, but the good news is that, unlike good luck, our process is replicable and scalable and provides the advantage you need to win big deals.
  3. Check your over-sized ego at the door.
    Landing the big deal isn’t about proving that you, the individual, are better than everyone else; it’s about doing your part in creating success for the entire company. While swagger and confidence in your product or service are helpful, real confidence comes from having the assurance your company can deliver the exact solutions your prospect needs.
  4. Be grateful.
    This might sound like something that doesn’t have a lot to do with business, but you’d be surprised how much being thankful for your large accounts can improve your company culture. Never make your big client feel like you take them for granted; instead, make it a part of your culture to make clients know how you value their business, their products, and services.
See how Hunt Big Sales can help your business transform. Contact us today and start seeing a difference in your bottom line!