Hunting and landing business-changing key accounts is a mindset; a way of life. It takes specific tools and know-how to put a process in place that, when used correctly, will dramatically increase your revenues.

That’s exactly what Hunt Big Sales does.

Workshop Training

Hunt Big Sales Academy™:

Hunt Big Sales Academy

If you want to master the art and science of landing multi-million dollar key accounts, then your company needs to enroll in our one-year study and coaching program, The Hunt Big Sales Academy™. This is the most time sensitive and cost effective way to learn the Hunt Big Sales Methodology™, our proven proprietary process that changes the way you sell and transforms your business. Hunt Big Sales Academy™ courses include The Big Sale FactoryArtifactory, and Key Account Growth.

RFPs Suck! Game-Changing Full Day Workshop

RFPs Suck! Full Day WorkshopYes, we all know that RFPs suck! But, it’s time to learn the key strategies necessary to make the RFP system work for you rather than against you, and how to answer the RFP questions in a way that will keep you on the top of the pile.


Owner Transformational Mentorship

Owner Transformational MentorshipThere are transformational windows during which senior executives redesign and redefine their future. Maybe it’s your market, message, org chart, or financing. When you reach the tipping point of that transformational moment, a focused, intense program can change the trajectory of your business. This program assists business owners in their roles of company leadership and strategy as a whole, to achieve the results you expect, faster.

Strategic Deal Coaching

Strategic Deal CoachingHunting and landing very large deals, deals that are greater than 10-20 times the size of your average deal, requires a significant investment in time, energy and resources. Having someone who has lead those hunts hundreds of times and can teach you the best way to hunt will put you ahead of the competition and the success curve.  This program is designed for Tom Searcy to expertly lead your team through large hunts, which means Tom will:

  • Collaborate on strategy
  • Review all communication
  • Prep team for all meetings
  • Debrief all meetings
  • Collaborate on solution design

Explosive Sales Growth Development

Explosive Sales Growth Development

Explosive growth is not a step up from where you are now – it’s another country. You’re going to want a guy who has been there and sat in the CEO or exec seats.  This program is designed for executives to work through the implementation of the process from their unique position.

As a results oriented program, our senior consultant works with you to:

  • Implement the Sales Process
  • Work through the “right player/right role” challenges
  • Customize the process to the uniqueness of your company
  • Navigate the waters of culture shift
  • Explore organizational design
  • Review compensation structures
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