Organizations who want to grow at a rate that is double or triple the rate of their competitors must first realize two critical factors:

  • They must change the way they message. They can no longer take similar messages to the market as their competitors and gain the attention of jaded and busy buyers.
  •  They must change the way they sell. Why? Because today’s buyers are using a different process for buying that involves more people, more process steps and more information

Hunting and landing large key accounts is a mindset, a way of life. It takes specific tools and know-how to put a transformational process in place.  Yet, when used correctly, it will dramatically increase your revenues.

That’s exactly what Hunt Big Sales helps you do.

The Hunt Big Sales (HBS) Academy™:

The reason Hunt Big Sales Academycompanies come to the HBS Academy™ is to develop a new process for landing very large accounts that will transform their business and double the size of their company in less than three to five years. This process changes the messages that companies take to the market. It changes the contact point for entry into new customers. Roles and responsibilities in the sales process are re-defined to leverage the new buying processes that prospects are using.

These changes take resources and time, so the win ratio on these bigger opportunities has to go up – dramatically. Companies who use the HBS Academy™ processes close deals at four times the typical rate of companies selling new business to new customers. In addition, they grow current customers with available opportunities by 40% in six months.

The reason you sign up for the HBS Academy™ is that you want to grow explosively, and you realize that doing more of what you have done in the past is not the path. You need a new path and process. Start Here.

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