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Complimentary Growth AssessmentIf you are a $10 million to $150 million company that wants to land multi-million dollar key accounts, then you need to follow a proven process.

But before you can grow by landing multi-million dollar deals, you need to know if your company is ready. That’s where the Growth Assessment comes in.

During your 45 minute telephone assessment, we will help you gain clarity around the key issues of your company’s readiness to grow by consistently landing large key accounts.

During the session you will:

  • Get clear about the multi-million dollar key accounts you really want to land in the next two years
  • Find out the assets you already have for landing the multi-million dollar key accounts you really want
  • Discover the #1 roadblock stopping you from having the multi-million dollar key accounts you want
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will land the multi-million key accounts you desire

You will complete the assessment knowing EXACTLY what to do next to prepare your company to land the large key accounts you truly want. This valuable assessment is provided at no cost to you. Provide your information in the form below and you will be contacted promptly to schedule your 45-minute call.

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Assessment Leader

Carajane MooreAssessments are conducted by Hunt Big Sales President, Carajane Moore, who has a 20 year track record of successfully landing multi-million dollar key accounts. Throughout her career, Carajane has led key account sales teams at such companies as Control Data, Astra Zeneca and Medline. She brokered a $10 million dollar deal through a partnership between Medline and General Injectables and Vaccines, the biggest key account deal up until that time for those companies.

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